Hello! I am a Polish artist based between Poznań and Berlin.

I obtained a BSA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, Italy, and then completed my studies at WSUS in Poznań, Poland, where I studied Interior Design and in 2013 obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree. In 2008 and 2011 I won Erasmus and Erasmus Placement scholarships, and was able to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Murcia, Spain for a year and work in Granada, Spain.

In 2016 I was part of the animator-painter team working on the film Loving Vincent, which in 2018 was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Animated Feature.

I create illustrations. I am also co-founder of Wow Wall Studio, group of artist who painting murals.

My paintings and illustrations are available for purchase and I also produce works of art on commission.

For more information, please contact me.


contact me.


09 I 2018 – collective, before plen-air in Osieki “Czas i miejsce dla sztuki”, Manor House in Osieki, Poland

07 I 2018 – collective, before plen-air in Tuczno “Tuczno stylem Vanv Gogha” , castel in Tuczno, Poland

05 I 2018 – colletcive, before plen-air in Pułtusk “Sympozjum Międzynarodowe – Gruzja, Polska, Kanada, Białoruś”, Castel in Pułtusk, Poland

05 I 2018 – solo “Illustrations”, Cultural Center “e-Eureka”, Świeszyno, Poland

01 I 2018 – collective “We Cannot Speak Other Than By Our Paintings”, Kurt Vonnegut Muzeum & Library, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

10 I 2016 – collective “Diversity” ZPAP Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland

03 I 2016 – collective (ZPAP) ” Kobieta w twórczości i twórczość kobiet” / “Women in creativity and creativity in women” City Holl’s Gallery, Koszalin, Poland

02 I 2016 – collective “Salon of illustrators” Cultural Centre Castel in Poznań, Poland

08 I 2015 – solo “Chwile” Geranim Caffe, Poznań, Poland

05 I 2015 – solo “Chwile” City BOX, Koszalin, Poland

04 I 2015 – solo “Chwile” Cultural Center “e-Eureka”, Świeszyno, Poland

03 I 2014 – solo “Travel in the  northwest” Lala Banderia, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

03 I 2013 – solo “Travel in the  northwest” Cultural Centre Castel in Puebla de Sanabria, Spain

06 I 2010 – colletive, Schilderfestival Noordwijk, Holand


/Ania Walus