Loving Vincent is the world’s first fully painted film.

The film is shoted with actors, and the painters are literally painting over it frame by frame with oil colours. Every painter who was cualified by sending portfolio has to pass the 3 days tests and then 5 weeks of training. I started to work in that project in December 2015.

“Vincent is not only famous for his paintings, but also for his tortured life, notably for cutting off his ear and shooting himself while painting at his easel; painting to the bitter end of his unhappy misunderstood life. He is the world’s totemic ‘tortured artist’. Loving Vincent explores Vincent’s life and work by bringing to life some of Vincent van Gogh’s most inspirational paintings to tell his story.”

You can read more about the movie on www.lovingvincent.com

Here is the link to my short bio on “Loving Vincent” site.


/Ania Walus